Friday Video from SmartPak: The $300 Thoroughbred Who Wowed the Eventing World

However our differences of opinion may divide us, one thing that universally unites the eventing world is a good underdog story – particularly when that underdog story involves a cheap-as-chips ex-racehorse who goes on to become a world beater.

That’s exactly what happened when Australia’s Rebel Morrow joined forces with Oaklea Groover, who was on his way to slaughter following the discovery of blood clots in his skull. Rebel stepped in, paid the owners what they’d have made in meat money, and began an extraordinary journey with the horse who would become her Athens Olympics partner.

In this episode of the Thoroughbred Network’s show, you’ll get to know the Aussie rider, whose based at Shane Rose’s Bimbadeen Park and learn the whole story behind Oaklea Groover’s exceptional career. Plus, she shares her insights on sourcing and retraining your own Thoroughbred so you can create your horse of a lifetime, too. A whole lot of heart for a diminutive sum – we might not be betting folk, but we do like those odds.

Go Eventing!