Friday Video from SmartPak: The Beyoncé and Jay-Z of Eventing Take Arville

Talk about couple goals. Between them, they’ve got five five-star victories, a whole host of team appearances, and one very, very cute son — and now, they’ve also got an Event Rider Masters victory. But not content with just one great result at the Arville leg of the series, Tim and Jonelle Price well and truly laid down the law and dominated the podium, delivering a decisive 1-2 (and just about letting fellow Antipodean Chris Burton get a look in, too).

Relive their cross-country rounds — each riding Luhmühlen 5* winners, no less — and watch how they tackled the tough, influential track at Arville. Pay special attention, too, to the data and ride analysis that appears on screen — it’s both interesting and exceptionally educational to understand exactly how the world’s best riders cycle through the ‘gears’ while on course. A free education and a chance to believe in love again — happy Friday, folks.