Friday Video from SmartPak: The Olympic Opening Ceremony (In Two Minutes)

Today, the Tokyo Olympics officially got started with a pared back but poignant opening ceremony, which took place in the almost totally empty main stadium. Though it was missing the packed crowds and extensive theatrics of ordinary Olympic years, it was still an exciting start to the weeks of sport to come, replete with deft nods to the struggles of the past 18 months and a celebration of hope in all its forms.

We also got a first look at many of the athletes competing in Tokyo, as each team paraded with a select handful of competitors – including several event riders, such as Sweden’s Ludwig Svennerstal and Louise Romeike, France’s Tom Carlile, the Swiss eventing team, Belgium’s Lara de Liedekerke-Meier, and more.

If you weren’t able to catch all two hours of the ceremony, though, never fear: the BBC has condensed the best bits, including select moments from the performances, a glimpse at some of the team fashion statements, and Tonga’s most lubricated abs, into this bitesize two minute highlights reel.

For real, now: Go Tokyo!

ETA: It looks like BBC’s video has gone unavailable, so enjoy this alternate version from E! News.