Friday Video from SmartPak: Vanir Kamira Gets the Big Shave

The barren period from the end of the season through Christmas or so sees many top eventers stagger holiday time for their horses – and Piggy March is no different.

Now, with the 2021 season looming (well, kind of – it’s been delayed, but it’s coming), Piggy’s busy bringing her extensive string of horses back into work. The latest to get back under saddle? None other than 2019 Badminton winner Vanir Kamira. Known at home as ‘Tillybean’, the sixteen-year-old Irish Sports Horse mare enjoys a longer winter holiday than the rest of Piggy’s string, as she goes home to stud with owner Trevor Dickens to make use of the multiple embryo transfers she tends to win each season.

But the holidays are over, even if you are a five-star winner — and Tilly, who’s a typically sparky type, has some work ahead of her to shed her winter tummy (and a shedload of fluff, too). Step one in the transformation? A full clip from head girl Amy Phillips. The latest instalment of Piggy’s vlog gives you a closer look at her process (and some rather delightful up-close-and-personal quality time with Tillybean) – perfect if you’re struggling to get crisp lines and smooth clips. Tune in, oil up, and guarantee your best clipping job yet!