Friday Video from SmartPak: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Ahh, Valentine’s Day – that most contentious of ‘holidays’. Once again, it’s come and gone, leaving pink and red devastation and more than a little bit of romantic ennui in its wake. (But hey, also discount chocolates, so there’s that.) Is it just me, or does it feel like Valentine’s Day makes sort of makes you feel, well, bad (not to mention broke) even if you’re coupled up? Like, whether you acknowledge it or not, you’ve probably not done the right thing, and also, did you get engaged? DID YOU? If you didn’t, you didn’t do enough, and if you did, someone is quietly judging you for doing it on the most obvious day of the year. Snore.

My take this year has been the same as any other year, romantically attached or otherwise: I bought a box of choccies, played truffle roulette, lost and got the coffee one, and then sacked the whole sorry endeavour off and went to snuggle my horse. And you know what? That’s MORE than good enough for me. So to celebrate the joyous passing of this arguably pointless day, here’s some gratuitous videos of horses in love. The best bit? Hallmark hasn’t seen a penny out of them.

Heart eyes. Heart eyes everywhere.