Friday Video from SmartPak: When Eventing Legends Judge the Lower Levels

The last 18 months or so has seen the equestrian vlogging scene take on a life of its own, and quite remarkably, this hasn’t slowed down in the face of a global pandemic. Instead, creative video-making types are finding new ways to stay motivated and keep churning out content for their viewers.

Enter Virtually Eventing, a series put together by British eventing vloggers Tina, Lucy, Meg and Emily. All four compete at the lower levels, though from bases scattered around the country, and they have one other thing in common: they love a jolly good giggle.

Their latest video sees them take on a BE100 level dressage test (that’s Training level, yankee doodles) for submission to an online competition. But there’s a twist — not only are they competing against other entrants in the virtual show, they’ve also recruited some very, very big names to analyse their rides. It’s not just good entertainment, it’s a surprisingly educational way to glean some great pointers for your next dressage test. As someone who has to ride the very same one this weekend, I’m watching very closely indeed.

Go Eventing — whether it’s on YouTube or in person!