Friday Video from SmartPak: Where’s the Hoof Pick?


‘Here it is folks… the eventing grooms take on our own version of the ‘loo roll challenge’, because who can ever find a Hoof pick when they need it! Massive shoutout to the legend that is Beth Attwell for putting it all together! Hope you enjoy x’

We don’t own the Copyrights to the music ✌️

Posted by Adam Short on Friday, April 17, 2020

There’s a common thread running through us all at the moment, and that thread is social media challenges. There’s the fun ones: dig out an embarrassing photo of yourself at 20! Show off your biggest riding fail! There’s the painful ones: defy the silent screaming of your Nutella-padded joints and dress yourself while doing a handstand, somehow, because some absolute sadist has tagged you and wants to see you suffer. Then there’s the ones that take a little bit more effort and a whole lot of collaboration, as we’ve seen in the various iterations of the loo roll challenge springing up from various hunts and Pony Clubs.

Now, in the absence of any events to keep them busy, some of the UK’s top eventing grooms have teamed up to put their own spin on the challenge. Check our their hoof pick challenge, featuring Adam Short (groom to William Fox-Pitt), Sinead Anglin (groom to Zara Tindall), Jess Errington (groom to Harry Meade), Zanie King (groom to Laura Collett) and many, many more, all spearheaded by Beth Attwell, who previously groomed for Tom Jackson and is currently rehabbing from a nasty skiing injury. We’re delighted to see some video evidence in there that suggests she might be feeling a bit better now.