Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: Boyd Between the Boards

Hands up if you’re an unapologetic Boyd Martin fan! Okay, great, so now that I have, quite literally ALL of your attention, allow me to present you with a little gift from the man himself, who did his dressage with Crackerjack at the Pau CCI4* in France today. We’re all so excited to cheer on Boyd and Crackers as they tackle the formidable cross country course tomorrow – but in the meantime, let’s appreciate the beautiful work they did between the boards today.

Plus, you can play a really fun(?) game called Guess Which Bum is the Eventing Nation Bum. Prizes for the winning guess to include a cuddle with Boyd (sorry, Boyd, I should really have given you a say in this). Look, guys, all I can say is that being an equestrian journalist requires three things: a bit of inherent madness, caffeine instead of blood, and permanently sunburnt ankles.

We’ll be bringing you more of that inherent madness tomorrow as we cover The Fun Bit in France – go Crackers, go Boyd, go Americans in Pau, and go…to sleep if you’re riding a CCI4* cross country course tomorrow, honestly.