Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: Eventing Goes to the Drones

The drone is watching! Photo via Laine Ashker on Facebook. The drone is watching! Photo via Laine Ashker on Facebook.

Ever wondered what an aerial view of eventing would look like? Thanks to photographer Alec Thayer and his drone guinea pigs, Laine Ashker and Sheila Wolff’s Jolly Good Sport, we now have an idea!

“The reason I love photographing is that it gives you an opportunity to show everyone a new perspective of something they can see just by watching from the sidelines,” Alec said. “I wanted to change the way I show eventing to everyone and thought I might be able to incorporate a drone in the process.”

Laine chose to use “Sporty” as the test horse for the drone, as he tends to take new things in stride fairly well. “I’m glad I didn’t use Al!” she said. Note to our readers: You may want to ensure your sound is not turned all the way up, as the drone is quite loud! Check out the first video:

“I’ve been working on a few ideas involving drones for both eventing and foxhunting,” Alec said. “As the idea of using drones is relatively new, and I still have quite a lot to learn, I’m taking my time to perfect what can be done to enhance both sports. But from automated course walks to following an amazing chase out with the hounds, I can tell you there are a lot of ideas, and I can’t wait to have something to show everyone in the next few months.”

Sporty handled the drone quite well, despite the foreign nature of having a flying object hovering above him. Alec also took a video in the open cross country field, which you can view below.

“It takes a very special horse to handle the sound of 1,000 swarming bees flying overhead and still remain focused and relaxed in their job,” Laine said. “I guess it goes to show you that he really is a Jolly Good Sport. I’d like to thank Alec for allowing us to be drone guinea pigs and Sport’s amazing owner Sheila Wolff. Plans are in order to shoot a cross country course soon!”

What do you think, EN? Would you take the drone for a spin with your horse?