Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: Extreme Beach Riding

It’s getting harder and harder to avoid the unpleasant truth: winter really is coming. But in the spirit of unapologetic denial and #TGIF feel-good vibes, your Friday video this week is something seriously sunny.

Every year, 150 soldiers and their horses┬átake a two-week break from ceremonial duties in London to head to coastal Norfolk for the Household Cavalry’s summer camp. Here, they take part in activities that reinforce the trust and partnership between horse and rider: tent-pegging, showjumping, cross-country and, most famously, one big, mad beach ride.

Check out this amazing drone video, captured by local videographer Chris Taylor, and be prepared to be seriously impressed at the amount of control the riders have while going for a good gallop with 149 of their closest pals.

Look, if the Household Cavalry can pass this off as training, then so can you — a pirouette because some seaweed has touched your horse’s leg is still a pirouette, right?