Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: From Brixton to the Backstretch

It’s a funny few days, this, isn’t it? The period of time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve — the Chrimbo Limbo, if you’re that way inclined, or the Festive Gooch, if you’re willing to sacrifice the family-friendly (???) leanings of your mothership website — is a sort of No Man’s Land. Days of the week become suddenly meaningless; you no longer find drinking before noon problematic; you can’t remember the last time you saw a vegetable. Of course, for those of you who work with horses, it’s a bit of a different story — insofar as we’re aware, Santa didn’t deliver any elves to do the mucking out for us this year. Maybe next time, big guy.

Anyway, if you need a bit of feel-good inspiration to get you back into the swing of things before 2018 puts itself to bed, check out today’s Friday video. This one comes to us not from the eventing world, but from the racing one. The British Horseracing Authority has teamed up with the excellent Ebony Horse Club, a charity based amidst the skyscrapers of the south London neighbourhood of Brixton. With its small but mighty team of eight horses, the Ebony Horse Club provides heavily subsidised riding lessons and stable management insight to over 100 disadvantaged children each week, and many of the programme’s graduates have gone on to ride as adults and even pursue careers in the industry. In the first part of a new series, three members of the Club are invited to Ascot to enjoy a day of top-class racing, and even more importantly, a look behind the scenes at what life is really like in this fast-paced world. Check it out, and give the Ebony Horse Club’s Facebook page a like to catch the next instalment. And go eat some vegetables, please.