Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: Mark Todd and Blyth Tait Head to Head

Mark Todd and Blyth Tait are in attendance this year at Luhmühlen, and they sat down in a candid head to head to reminsce about years past when they competed (and won!) at this popular German three-day.

Both Mark and Blyth have previously won at Luhmühlen, although as they say, things have changed since then! They fondly recall a great beer tent — obviously a key component of any event’s hospitality — and other things from years past.

The two eventing legends chat about everything from the dressage scoring this weekend to what they would have done had it not been eventing — Blyth admits he would have been a jockey, if not only to avoid the dressage!

You won’t want to miss any of this video; there are plenty of gems, both funny and sage, to be found. Enjoy, and happy Friday!