Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: That Sounds…Reasonable?

The equestrian mark-up phenomenon – it’s a real thing. Ever been shopping for buckets? $5 at Home Depot, $25 at your local tack shop. Every. Damn. Time. Just whispering the word ‘horse’ near an item makes its value quadruple instantly.

But hey, we’d all be lying to ourselves if we said we didn’t fall for it. Our horses eat better than us, they dress better than us, and, frankly, they smell better than us – and it all comes at a glorious premium. And where do we get duped most dramatically? In the murky midst of the multimillion dollar supplement industry. Turns out, they’re an easy sell – as the German Riding Instructor deftly demonstrates in this week’s Friday video.

Go eventing – and, uh, shopping.