Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: The Hardest Thing About Riding Horses …

… is the ground, natch. But just as there’s a million different ways to clear a fence — some more impressive than others — there’s a million different ways of hitting the deck, too. Sometimes, in the process of finding the ground with your face, you find a few skills you never even knew you had, too. This week, we’re ushering in the weekend with a selection of first-class falls – some remarkably acrobatic, some cringe-inducing, and mostly all just plain funny.*

*NB: no horses, ponies, or riders were hurt in the making of these videos. Okay, okay, perhaps there were a few dented egos. And maybe a couple of cameramen with aching sides. 

Ever dreamed of running away to join the circus? So has this intrepid soul, who has perfect her inter-species leapfrog routine. To complete the look? Just add tutus.

Even at the best of times, handstands are hard. The bum-to-gravity ratio just never seems to stack up. No such problems for this kiddo, who not only gets beats the odds against momentum, but manages to look SO zen while doing it. Impressive. Props to her pony, too, who evidently has a second career as a cheerleading spotter.

Have you ever seen anything quite so meticulously planned as this horse’s scheme to shed his rider and head home early? As easily as placing the angel atop the Christmas tree, Barbie’s Dream Horse gets exactly what he wants, when he wants it. #BeMoreLikeBarbiesDreamHorse

Turns out there are plenty of horses out there with a point to prove. This happy chap decided it would be more fun to complete his showjumping round alone — but his rider didn’t give in easily. I’m not sure what’s more impressive; the fall, or the solo jumping.

Did you think we’d get through this without a resurgence of this, the best hatcam video of all time? Shamrock used to be a racehorse, and sometimes Shamrock likes to relive his glory days. There are some naughty words in this one (but let’s face it, we’ve all been there). WOAH, SHAMROOOOOCK!

Totally blown away by the runaway success of ‘Woah Shamrock’! 1.7 million hits and counting – thank you all so much for viewing and sharing the video in it’s infancy.

Posted by Woah Shamrock on Friday, March 24, 2017

Horses, eh — who’d have them?!