Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: When Sinead Halpin Attacks

Sinead Halpin attacks and teaches us a little but about how she “warms up” her horses…. David O’Connor

Posted by Hannah Sue on Friday, January 27, 2017

Whether they’re in the same room together or merely the same large field, the “Shehannigans” are a force of nature. In this live video from Rocking Horse H.T., taking place this weekend in Altoona, Fl., Hannah Sue Burnett joins Sinead Halpin (née “Haplin”) in the dressage warm-up and, as usual, hilariousness ensues.

Well, maybe not so hilarious if you’re the one being run over. In your face, Hannah!

As a sidenote, I kind of like these newfangled Facebook Live videos — Wallace Eventing streamed one from Rocking Horse earlier in the day as well. Anything to offer a vicarious escape from being stuck in an office north of the wall. Winter is coming going away soon, right? In the meantime, more live videos, please!

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Go Eventing.