Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: Winter Clipping with Evention

As winter sets in, it’s a great time to set about preparing for the impending cold weather by clipping your horse. A sweaty horse in the cold weather is not only time-consuming but, more importantly, dangerous. To avoid the problems that can arise with a horse who has long hair and a lot of sweat from a good workout, Evention TV has some clipping tips for you.

Some clipping novices may not realize that there are other options for clipping aside from a full body clip. These clipping styles eliminate long hair on the areas where a horse may be more prone to sweat, and look attractive when done properly.

Since Jimmie Schramm is apparently the resident clipper over husband Dom, she provides a visual tutorial on one of her favorite winter designs, the quarter sheet clip.

Are you a clipping connouseiur? Don’t forget to submit your artwork for your chance at eternal EN fame. We’ll be showcasing our favorite clip jobs throughout the winter, so send your photos to [email protected].


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