Friday Video: Out On Course in Pratoni with Alogo Analysis (and Andrew Hoy!)

We’re enormously lucky to live in something of a technology boom for our sport as sport science, data, and performance analysis tools become more and more commonplace to help us hit those marginal gains and see huge results across the levels. Among the newest pieces of kit available on the market is the Alogo Move Pro sensor, which collects data throughout your ride and then presents it back to you in an easily accessible way, allowing you to review and refine your performances with quantifiable information to guide your decisions. But that’s all a lot of big words, really — to get the feel for the Alogo, it’s best to see it in action. Fortunately for all of us, we’ve got the chance to see what performance data can really do in this cross-country hatcam video from Pratoni’s test event in May, where Australia’s Andrew Hoy took it for a test ride with Bloom des Hauts Crets. Welcome to the future.