From COTH: Katy Groesbeck Receives Broussard Grant

Katy Groesbeck and Oz the Tin Man. Photo by Jenni Autry.

The snowy weather prevented many people from attending the USEA Annual Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, last weekend, including West Coast superstar Katy Groesbeck. As a result, she sadly wasn’t in attendance to receive the $30,000 Rebecca Broussard Developing Rider Grant at the Saturday night awards banquet in person. Buck Davidson came to the rescue by calling her and holding his phone up to the microphone so we could all hear Katy say a few words. Katy has worked incredibly hard this year, and our friends at the Chronicle of the Horse have a nice story up detailing her accomplishments. Congrats, Katy! Go West Coast Eventing!

From COTH:

Although the weather prevented Katy Groesbeck from attending the U.S. Eventing Association’s Annual Meeting and Convention in Cincinatti, Ohio, winning the $30,000 Rebecca Broussard Developing Rider Grant more than made up for the canceled flight.

“Just the fact that the Broussard family and the selection committee believed in me enough to entrust me with that kind of money and that kind of opportunity is really overwhelming,” said Groesbeck. “I think anyone who knows me knows it’s quite a big deal for me. I’m a homegrown sort of gal, and it’s been a whole family effort my entire life. It’s exciting to have the potential now to really see how far my horse and I can go. I was very sad that I couldn’t be there in person.”

Click here to read the full story from COTH.

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