From Horse & Hound: 6 Characters You’ll Find at Every Horse Trial

The Inflatable Cowboy is not one of them

Horse & Hound presents six characters of the eventing world you’ll encounter at every horse trial. Have you seen one lately? ARE you one?

They include:

The Top Trainer: “…the trainer everybody wants. Most people are too scared to ring and ask. Actually, he’s available for 50 pounds an hour…”

The Course Designer: “…A former multi-medalist, he had to swim his horse through the water at the Mexico Olympics, so he has no truck with anyone complaining about water fences. Today’s generation of riders are just so incredibly feeble…”

 The Hard-working Amateur: “…constantly exhausted, she hasn’t been in bed after 4 am for a decade….her mood in the office is entirely dependent on the previous weekend’s eventing result — choose the week after a double clear to ask her a favor and steer clear following a run out…”

The Old Stager: “…she has more metal in her body than a Posche. Various eventing injuries have left her registering 10/10 on the lameness scale and mean she hasn’t trotted up her own horse for 20 years…”

See if you recognize anyone here.

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