From the EN Mailbag: Memoirs from the Past

I’ve always enjoyed stories from the past, in the “glory days” of US eventing.  If you have a memory to share, send it to [email protected].  Thanks to Cora Katz-Samuels for sharing with us today.
Hi chinchillas,
Thought you would enjoy some relics I found (and treasure). My mom grew up riding and began eventing when she reconnected with her BFF from boarding school, Louise Merryman, in the the 80’s.
Louise convinced (or should I politely say “forced”) my mother buy a country house in Millbrook, NY. Her mission: to work on Wall Street by week, and event by weekend (aka weekend warrior).
I grew up in the “Treeline Farm” cult – eventing is in my blood I guess. Anyway, once a competitive young rider, I am now at the ripe old age of 25 trying to balance a job in the city and upper level eventing. It’s been a challenge but nothing us eventers can’t handle.
After all, if my mom could do it, I sure as heck can.
Go tradition. Go eventing.
Cora Katz-Samuels
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