Funtimes in the Middle: EN’s 1st Annual Reader Appreciation Rolex Tailgate Party


A great big cheers to everyone who stopped by Eventing Nation’s tailgate party!!! Fun was had by all. Many, many thanks to co-hosts Leah Omeara, Ashley Jamison and Brooke Waldron for the amazing setup and first-class hospitality.

Friends new and old checked in throughout the day to snack, sip and try their hand at Rolex Trivia. We also had some celebrity guests, like competitor Daniel Clasing, who surely deserved a cold one after his double-clear cross-country round! Way to go, Daniel. Even John emerged from the media center ether long enough to say hello and discover that the cookie cake he’d been looking forward to eating all week had been reduced to leftover crumbs. Sorry John! Maybe next year.

At the end of the day, it was heartily agreed upon that tailgating at Rolex must be a new Eventing Nation tradition. Go Eventing!

Red on right, white on left, Insanity the Inflatable Horse in the middle.

Breakfast of champion eventing party people.

It was beautiful while it lasted.

Trivia time: I thought I might be able to stump these EN readers with tough questions about Rolex history, but they were way too smart!

Bad Eventer dropped by to party down with us. Check out her website,!

Our first batch of Rolex Trivia winners, plus EN writer Lauren Nethery (the gal with the laptop) who was live-blogging from the party throughout the morning.

These people are SUPER excited about winning EN shirts.

Jenni Autry's awesome friends/barnmates! From L to R: Sarah Buhite, Kelly Myers, Kristen Vigliano, Carrie Pugh, and Melissa Raffensperger. I grilled them about Jenni's existence in general: "Is she for real? How does she DO it?" In the end, we all agreed that she was, in fact, no ordinary equestrian journalist but "a unicorn who poops rainbows."


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