Get Ready for the 2014 Triple Crown Junior Young Rider PRO Scholarship Program

Educating the junior and young riders is one of the most important ways to continue improving the eventing scene here in the U.S. For that reason, Triple Crown Nutrition and the Professional Riders Organization (PRO) have teamed up to offer this year’s Junior/Young Rider Scholarship Program, which gives the opportunity to ride with scholarship hosts┬áLynn Symansky, Jan Byyny, Sharon White, Marcia Kulak, Tamie Smith and Matt Brown.

The program is designed for event riders competing at Training level who wish to receive training from one of the PRO riders, and it is utilized to spot up and coming talent using set criteria. The ultimate purpose of the scholarship is to help develop talent for the future of the U.S. team. This is a great opportunity for dedicated young riders to make strides towards reaching their training goals, and the designated competitions for consideration are rapidly approaching.

All riders who are interested in being considered for the scholarship must compete in at least one designated competition. Riders who compete in multiple designated competitions will have their scores averaged. The top two point earners from the West and East divisions will earn their way into the scholarship program, which will include a week of training at an upper level rider’s facility.

Designated Competitions:


Carolina International HT – March 20-23

Surefire Farm – June 20-22

Millbrook HT – July 31-August 3


Galway Downs – March 28-30

Rebecca Farm – July 23-27

Aspen Farms – September 5-7

For more details on this opportunity, click here.


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