Get Your Balance Back With a MOJO Wristband + Halter Patch

Have you tried MOJO? Photo by Sally Spickard. Have you tried MOJO? Photo by Sally Spickard.

We had a very popular response to our last giveaway from our awesome sponsor, MOJO, and so we thought it was high time to do another giveaway for those MOJO fans out there. Many riders have now started wearing MOJO wristbands, which can help with balance, focus, pain relief, calming, enhanced endurance and increased stamina thanks to natural hologram technology.

Colleen Rutledge is one such rider who has used MOJO and had great results from it. Check out her testimonial:

“Overall, the conclusion that we’ve come to is that it ’rounds the edges of whatever is bothersome.’ Bracelets — I’ve found a huge reduction in my leg cramps, and so has my mother. I even took it off for a few days, and the cramps started to reoccur. My groom has had a reduction in her back spasms since wearing the bracelet. It’s also been helping with my chronic ache in the hip that I broke a couple of years ago.

“Horse patches — It’s making a huge improvement in my horse’s trailering habits. He arrives to the shows more relaxed and stays more relaxed for a longer time. We’ve found that he’s better if we leave them on for the longest period possible.”

If you’re unfamiliar with MOJO, you can check out our product review here and see what all the buzz is about. In the meantime, we’re giving away a wristband plus a halter (or collar) patch for your horse or dog. You have until Friday to enter, so use the Rafflecopter widget below to submit your entry, and look for the winner in Saturday’s Links post!

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