GMHA Seeking Assistance to Recover from Double Storm Damage

Photo via GMHA on Facebook.

Not just one, but two raging storms unleashed their fury on the northeastern part of the country in the past week, flooding large areas of Vermont with over eight inches of rain recorded. Among the horse facilities affected were both Huntington Farm and the Green Mountain Horse Association (GMHA) facilities.

Huntington Farm posted a positive update on their Facebook page over the weekend that they were in good shape for help with repairs, but that further opportunities to help the facility would become available soon — you can follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.

GMHA fared slightly worse, with significant flooding damaging large parts of the 65-acre facility. “The resulting flash flood was more disastrous than the flooding ten days before,” GMHA Executive Director Bruce Perry wrote in a statement. “The flood waters came up faster, ran swifter and deeper than before. All the work that had been completed the previous week was washed away, and more.”

Hello GMHA members, friends and family – I left work on Friday with thoughts of an update to all of you with the…

Posted by Green Mountain Horse Association on Monday, July 24, 2023

“The scope and breadth of the repairs all over the property will require our undistracted attention so we can get them completed in the next two weeks,” the statement continued. “Over the next couple of days GMHA staff and Board will work on how we can reschedule, or modify the cancelled events, following the two week time frame allowing them to run safely.”

Interested supporters can donate financially at this link. GMHA’s upcoming Festival of Eventing is scheduled for August 11-13, and while several competitions scheduled in the next few weeks have been cancelled, the Board will make a decision on future events as repairs proceed with the goal of keeping the remainder of the calendar in tact.

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