Go Check Out the New and Improved USEA Website!

Actual photo of Blake, EN’s tech guy.

Unlike EN, which is held together with scotch tape and has undergone exactly one (1) redesign since baby John built it in his mom’s basement a decade ago, some websites actually try to keep up with the times. (To John’s credit some readers still inexplicably prefer the Classic EN format, which remains available because folks got real cranky when we tried to take it away. It also looks terrible and is impossible to navigate, but alas.)

One such modern-age internet trailblazer is the USEA, which launched a new and improved website today. Click on over to useventing.com and check it out — we love what they’ve done with the place. It’s streamlined and simplified with all the stuff you use the most, like the horse/rider search and the calendar, front and center on the home page. It also does a great job of drawing members’ attention to important reminders and highlighting USEA’s engaging content, which is updated daily.

The website also looks to have mobile-optimized design, meaning it’s functional and looks good on your phone. That’s always handy when you need to look something up in a hurry, like your dressage test when you’re next on deck and your mind suddenly draws a blank about whether that canter transition is at A or at K. (For the record: Events + Competition < Resources < Dressage Tests.)

Just goes to show what is possible when your tech guy isn’t Blake.

Eventingnation.com during Kentucky this year.

“Hello you’ve reached Blake and the team at CyberCatz Inc. We’re busy helping another customer at the moment, but if you leave a message we’ll call you back … JK LOL.”

Thanks, USEA! Have questions about the new site? They’ve outlined a few helpful hints for navigating it here.

EN #ProTip: While you’re over there, be sure to renew your membership if you haven’t already because your 2018 membership expires today. To do so, go to the USEA’s Online Services by clicking “Login” in the top right-hand corner of the website.

[USEA Launches New and Improved Website]