#GoEventing at Loch Moy Farm: Class with Professor Bendigo is Now in Session

Completed my first event with Ben today at The Maryland Horse Trials @ Loch Moy Farm to finish on our dressage score of 35.9 in 6th place! Relaxed dressage test but he perks up when the jumps come out 😂 such a thrilling experience to come out of the start box sitting on this much power and enthusiam!

Posted by Julie Anne Bigham on Saturday, April 9, 2022

There isn’t much better than seeing former upper-level horses thriving even after the peak of their careers has subsided. One such horse eagerly taking to his new role as “professor” is Ema Klugman’s former 5* partner, Bendigo, who at 20 years old has embraced his job with as much gusto as he did attacking the biggest tracks in the country. Only this time, he’s got amateur rider Julie Anne Bigham in the irons, testing the eventing waters for the first time this weekend with Bendigo as her partner.

“It’s been really fun to help [Julie and Ben] develop a partnership,” Ema commented. Bendigo is leased but still lives at Ema’s farm. “I still get to hang out with Ben all the time and he is happy that he gets to be out jumping all the things, although they are a little smaller now. He put me on the map and gave me a taste of the top level, so seeing him happy makes me very, very happy.”

Ema Klugman and Bendigo competing at Kentucky in 2021. Photo by Sally Spickard.

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