Green Meadow Farm: Helping with Horses


Photo by Beckie Thompson

Sometimes, I sit quietly in the corner of my horse’s stall, and I take in the quiet that is the barn.  Horses are slowly munching hay, and its sweet smell fills my nostrils.  Warm breath snuffles my hair, and I look up and smile.  No matter what is going on in my life, this will always be the place where I belong.

How many of us feel like the only place we fit in is at the barn?  How many of us take this “hobby” to a whole new level of passion?  How many of us would not have mentally survived the stressors and tragedies in our life if we had not had our horses?


Photo by Beckie Thompson

As a child, I never really fit in at school.  Not only was I the fat kid, but I was also the weird girl who rode horses.  I did not have many true friends, and I was bullied regularly at school.  I shed a lot of tears.  I spent each week at school yearning for the weekend and time at the barn.  Learning to ride and working my tail off taking care of the horses really helped me find a place to fit in.  Not to mention teaching me so many other life lessons about responsibility and respect.


Photo by Beckie Thompson

Win the War and I have been asked to help a very special non-profit that is close to my heart.  Green Meadows Farm in Lancaster, PA uses horses to help children learn to fit in and learn to deal with emotion.  They specialize in children that have been adopted and are adjusting to their new families, as well as children from underprivileged families.  For more information, please check out their website.

Those that volunteer their time to this great cause.

Those that volunteer their time to this great cause. Photo by Rachel Tress

How can you help?  On June 28th, Win the War and I will be making an appearance for a demo and talk at their Annual Lawn Party Fundraiser.  If you live anywhere near Lancaster, PA, you should come on out!

The BEST way to help is to go bid at their online auction.  I have wrangled some pretty awesome ULR’s into donating some lessons, as well as some other fun stuff!  Check out the site and bid, bid, bid!

This is a great cause, and I would love it if the Eventing community could get together and blow their goal out of the water!

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