Hagyard Mid South CCI* By the Numbers

Alexis Anderson and Holly Golightly Alexis Anderson and Holly Golightly

It was a gorgeous, 72 degree fall day today in Lexington KY, and the fall colors were almost as spectacular as some of the rides in the CCI* Divisions at the Kentucky Horse Park. The course was a bit challenging for many horse and rider pairs. “How challenging?” you ask. I was curious too, so I had my friend Julia do a quick analysis of the CCI* results.

Here are a few statistics for you:

CCI* Divisions A + B = 55 Total Rides

Not everyone completed the course:

6 Eliminations (11%)
7 Riders Retired on Course (13%)
4 Rider Falls (7%)
1 Withdrawal

18 Riders (32%) Who Did Not Complete

Of those riders who did complete the course:

11 Riders came home with 20 penalties (30%)
2 Riders came home with 40 penalties (5%)
1 Rider came home with 60 penalties (3%)

At the end of the day, two Canadians on Fernhill horses are the leaders in the Clubhouse: Karl Slezak and Fernhill Dutch Design lead the CCI* Division A, and Katlyn Hewson and Fernhill Cascum Marco leads CCI* Division B.

I can’t wait to see how it all turns out tomorrow!


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