Halt Cancer at X Fundraises $71,500 for Cancer-Fighting Organizations

Photo courtesy of Seaborn Larson/Daily Interlake Photo. Photo courtesy of Seaborn Larson/Daily Interlake Photo.

Halt Cancer at X, the fundraising campaign created in memory of The Event at Rebecca Farm founder Becky Broussard, had another successful year in its fourth year running. For 2015, it will award $71,500 to one national and three local organizations in the fight against breast cancer.

“This year we are excited to fund numerous local programs, ranging from wellness retreats to community kitchens”, said Sarah Broussard, organizer of The Event at Rebecca Farm. “We are very grateful for all of the people who have donated to Halt Cancer at X, and look forward to the future and ultimate end of cancer.”

The 2015 Recipients

Fifty thousand dollars was awarded to the Telomere study, a national research project that strives to prevent breast cancer progression by taking a pioneering approach to comprehend mammary tumor cells. This is the fourth year this study has received funding from Halt Cancer at X.

“We are at a loss to find the words to express our gratitude to the Halt Cancer at X Board and every single donor,” said study co-director Dr. Simon Titen. “Your passion and generosity sustains our drive, bolsters our resolve, and is integral to the progress of our research. Your actions have directly opened up the prospects for significant progress, immensely.”

The new Cancer Support Community Kalispell received $11,500 to provide support, education, and hope for people in our community impacted by cancer. These funds will support a Nutrition Roundtable, Cooking for Wellness, Horse Sense Healing and cancer support groups in Kalispell.

“The generous support from Halt Cancer at X will allow us to support the programs that will be taught in that teaching kitchen, as well as other innovative programs that help patients with healing,” said Cancer Support Community coordinator Jennifer Young.

The Flathead Valley Cancer Chicks are receiving a grant to host a yearly, overnight local wellness retreat for 10 survivors and to provide assistance to cancer patients in need. While the Cancer Chicks requested only $4,000, the Halt Cancer at X committee felt their efforts warranted a $5,000 award. The Cancer Chicks have been active in the Flathead Valley for four years providing support and encouragement for cancer survivors and those who are newly diagnosed with the disease.

In addition, $5,000 was awarded to Flathead Cancer Aid Services to support cancer patients with nutritional and supplement needs. The group will work with local health food and nutrient suppliers under the guidance of Naturopath Lynn Troy, N.D., to ensure the well-being of cancer patients in need of nutrition and supplements.

“Thanks to Halt Cancer at X we will be able to provide nutritional foods that will help our patients heal and recover from their treatment,” said Sandy Shaw, oncology nurse navigator and co-founder of Flathead Cancer Aid Services.

Edited from a USEA press release. For more information or to view the entire press release, visit rebeccafarm.org.