Hamilton BioVet: Poultice Wraps Without the Mess

EN’s product reviewer Colleen Peachey is back with the first in a series on the game-changing products from our awesome EN sponsor Hamilton BioVet. The company’s line of STAYONS Instant Poultices is revolutionizing the way sport horse barns stock their first aid kits and treat their horses after strenuous rides. EN truly believe in these products, and we want you to know how awesome they are! And because Hamilton BioVet is awesome, you can get free shipping on all products through the end of the month with the coupon code ENFREE. Go Shopping!

Ripley models STAYONS Instant Leg Wrap Poultice and Knee Wrap Support from Hamilton BioVet.

From Colleen:

On any given day, I can’t wait until the part of the day when I can bounce along my well-worn path to get down to the barn. It’s the part of my daily routine that I always, no matter what, look forward to (well maybe I DON’T look forward to being outside in pouring rain or chilly weather, BUT I always look forward to checking in on my horses). I have my routine, and they have theirs. Most days of horse care are pretty mundane and go by without incident, but then there are days when I just notice that something seems to be “off”when I walk up to the paddock.

My heart sinks. And, I’m not going to lie, I start to throw myself into a mini panic while I start to check vitals — even for something as innocent looking as a puffy leg. Well, that’s me — the “over-reacter.” I tend to notice and scrutinize EVERYTHING, but I guess it could be worse! Last week, when I pulled my gelding Ripley out for his farrier appointment, I noticed that one of his front legs was quite puffy. Upon further examination, I found that he must have banged his leg on, well, something or other, and had a lovely cut to go along with his puffiness. Boys will be boys, I suppose.

Luckily for me, erm, luckily for Ripley, I had some supplies on hand from our awesome EN sponsor Hamilton BioVet that really helped out with the puffy leg situation. Now, I had been introduced to Hamilton BioVet‘s product offerings pretty recently and was definitely itching to try them out. I guess that Ripley must have been just as excited as I was to give Hamilton BioVet a test run that he couldn’t wait to volunteer.

To treat Ripley’s puffy and ouchy leg, I decided to try the STAYONS Instant Leg Wrap Poultice, along with the STAYONS Knee Wrap Support. The idea of using a poultice wrap very much appealed to me because, let’s be honest, slopping goopy poultice onto any part of a horse is a complete and total nightmare. And it always ends up on me anyway! I mean, does anyone out there actually enjoy applying poultice? Anyone? … Anyone? … Bueller? … Bueller?

And I’ll admit — even though I’m notorious for opening a box and tossing the instructions in the trash, I thoroughly read the instructions that came with the STAYONS products. I’m a very visual person, so I was thrilled that the step-by-step instructions to apply the poultice wrap came complete with photos. AND, if you aren’t sure about any part of the application, Hamilton BioVet even has instructional videos on their website. Just pull one up on your phone and presto, you’re an expert at applying their STAYONS products. If you can follow the directions, you should have the correct application!

So back to the STAYONS Instant Leg Wrap Poultice. I am in LOVE with the fact that there was no goop, slop, grime or mess that got on me when I applied the poultice to treat Ripley’s leg. The application was so simple and straightforward — take out a poultice leg wrap (they come in packs of four), submerge it on water for about 15 to 20 seconds, drain excess water, and BAM — you can wrap it right around your horse’s leg. I had no trouble at all wrapping Ripley’s leg and smoothing the poultice out.

Once the poultice material is activated by being submerged in water, it stays put quite nicely when you wrap it. Again, I used the STAYONS Instant Leg Wrap Poultice along with the STAYONS Knee Wrap Support around the top, and I personally used a polo wrap to secure the bottom of the poultice.  Basically, I was able to apply the STAYONS Poultice, STAYONS Knee Wrap Support and a polo wrap to help secure everything in less than five minutes. The process was quick and NOT messy in the least! Removal of the wrap was just as tidy and even faster than the application.

So, let’s recap: Why is Hamilton BioVet’s STAYONS Instant Leg Wrap Poultice one of my new favorite items in my first aid kit?

  1. STAYONS save me TIME and help me apply a leg poultice in a jiffy.
  2. There is no messy poultice goop to mess around with — no one likes slimy hands.
  3. Clay and epsom salt material in the pouches turns into a gel when submersed in water, so when the wrap is placed, it stays put.
  4. A STAYONS Knee Wrap Support is available when needed for a knee or hock application.
  5. The gel base helps make the poultice long lasting. While you should check it at 18 to 24 hours, if the poultice is still damp, you can simply re-wrap!
  6. Removal of the poultice is a breeze! Did I mention that these are easy to use?

Hamilton BioVet’s STAYONS Instant Leg Wrap Poultices are SO convenient, and the results that I saw with Ripley’s leg afterwards were positive enough to make me want to keep a pack on hand in my first aid kit. I mean, poulticing a leg has never been so easy! I would also say that these are great to pack to take along when trailering. If heat or inflammation is a concern, well, that’s what STAYONS poultices are for.

And with a retail price of $13.99 for a pack of four, you really can’t go wrong buying a pack to keep in your trailer and a pack to keep in your first aid kit in the tack room. Heck, they would even make a great Christmas gift for the other equine enthusiasts in your life, because let’s face it — we all LOVE to get things for our horses! STAYONS are easy and tidy to apply while staying affordable. Hamilton BioVet‘s slogan on their homepage says the company is “Making Animals’ Lives Better.” Well, they are also making my life as an equine caretaker better at the same time. Cheers!

Go Poultice Wraps (Without the Mess). Go Eventing.

Use coupon code ENFREE during the month of December for free shipping on all products through the Hamilton BioVet website.

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