Hannah Burnett Spring Blog: Chapter 1

Our week long introduction of our spring guest writers continues with Hannah Burnett’s first entry.  Hannah competed at Rolex in ’07 on Keep the Faith, and recently won the 2009 CCI** at Fair Hill on St. Barths.  Hannah was kind enough to join us for a live blog just after that victory, and we look forward to Hannah telling us all about her spring.  Now, if I can only get Lauren and Hannah to stop including me in their posts…Go eventing.

From Hannah: 
 Hey Eventing Nation–it’s Hannah Burnett again and I’m so excited to keep you up to date with my spring competitions and training! After Fair Hill last year I got the opportunity to chat with some of you on Eventing Nation’s Live Blog and a lot of questions were asked about my plans for the future with St. Barths (Nike) and I’m thrilled to keep you filled in as the season progresses.

    Nike and I had a great year last year with a win at the Stuart CIC** and then finishing off the season with a bang with a win at Fair Hill International CCI**. I started riding Nike for Richard Thompson in the fall of 2008 for my boss and coach Karen O’Connor while she was at the Olympics. We got along so well that when she got back from Hong Kong, she and Mr. Thompson decided to let me keep the ride. Nike has really blown everyone’s expectations out of the water and continues to impress people especially because of his past medical history. Nike had EPM severely in 2007 and no one thought he would ever make it back to being at the top level and not to mention with so much success. 
    I’ll fill you in a bit about myself: I am from Shelbyville, KY and I’m 23 years old. I grew up riding under the instruction of my mom, whom I call Smallzie (cause she’s so little) and have always had a very supportive family. I have been working with Karen and David O’Connor for a total of around 5 years. I was a working student off and on with Lauren Kieffer for about 3 years when I was competing my horse, Keep the Faith, that took me to Rolex KY in 2007. After I spent a year in at home in KY working off all my bills from getting to Rolex, I went back to work full time for the O’Connors and have been riding and working for them for 2 years now.  Lauren and I are roommates and have a lot of fun driving everyone else on the farm nuts! We keep ourselves entertained by poking fun at anyone who gives us the opportunity. That includes John, who is writing posts for this website in our house right now!!
    Right, back to business!! Nike and I are planning on running in the Intermediate division at the Florida Horse Park Feb. 13-14 and then we’ll be doing Nike’s Advanced debut at Pine Top later in the month. Until then, stay warm and keep checking out the coolest site in Eventing 🙂 
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