Video Saturday: 1st-Person Eventing with Helmet Cam

Three Eventers set out on course with cameras strapped to their helmets.  From this angle, you find yourself riding the course with the competitors and their horses: checking the watch, counting strides, catching a tree branch with your face. Somehow I’m not sure Helmet Cam: Dressage would be as appealing.

Cross-Country Cam: Competitors must not only navigate the numbered fences on this course, but also hundreds of trees.

Because a Boot Cam Would Pull Rails: The funky music and perfect weather make this ride feel like a video game. Spacebar to jump?

You Fell On My Camera: This combination takes a misstep up a bank. Both horse and rider are up quickly, and no one appears to be hurt. But correct me if I’m wrong, around 1:50, did they gallop right in front of the start box??


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