Happiness Is a Three-Day: IEA Show Jumping Report + Photo Gallery

Corinna Garcia and Gun Slinger. Photo by Miranda Akins/Photography In Stride.

The final day at the IEA Three-Day Event was full of smiles and sunshine. A 7:30 early morning jog in the sunrise meant riders were up and at ’em quite early to feed, braid and get ready to trot down the runway — I mean jog lane.

In the Training Three-Day all horses passed the final inspection. For the Novice Three-Day all riders had passed but unfortunately for Kathleen Neuhoff and Logan they were spun for the final day.

Tight scores in the T3D meant the pressure was on for show jumping, but overall five out of 10 riders show jumped with excellent double clear rounds. Corinna Garcia and Gun Slinger jumped double clear to win and finish on their dressage score. The overnight second place holder, Kathy Baar and Quick Car had an unfortunate rail on course but still managed to finish in 3rd.

Kathy Baar and Quick Car. Photo by Miranda Akins/Photography In Stride.

To take second and move up from third was Natasha Erschen and FE Grand Torino. They delivered a stellar double clear.

Natasha Erschen and FE Grand Torino. Photo by Miranda Akins/Photography In Stride.

Natasha also rode Emerald Lion in the T3D and finished ninth. Emerald Lion was also awarded the “Best Conditioned” award for the weekend. It was definitely a busy weekend for Natasha but she looked great in all three phases with both her horses. She clearly did a stellar job with her horses and her own fitness work!

Training Special Awards:

  • Maggie Hilton was awarded the “Best Turned Out” award and excitedly took her ribbon saying, “I’ve been trying to win this for so many years!”
  • The “Best Cross Country” award was given to Michele Clarke and Zeus
  • The “Will Power” award was given to Trudy Pulley and Mega Tsunami
  • The “Best Conditioned” award was given to Natasha Erschen and Emerald Lion

Once the T3D was finished the ring was watered, fences changed and then it was all systems go for the Novice riders. The Novice division had nearly the same ratio of rails down, with nine out of 19 riders having double clear rounds. A clear round was a huge advantage and helped riders drastically climb the leaderboard.

To take the win in the N3D was Whitney Morris and Carry Me Home. They had started out in third after dressage and had the first place slot at the conclusion of cross country day. A beautiful double clear round guaranteed them a well deserved win!

Whitney Morris and Carry Me Home. Photo by Miranda Akins/Photography In Stride.

With many rails taken down in the top there was quite a shake up on the leaderboard. Rebecca Geringer and Hakuna Matata moved up from fifth to take second place after delivering a stellar double clear round.

Rebecca Geringer and Hakuna Matata. Photo by Kim Geringer.

Finishing third was Melanie French and Stargazer Lily; they had a rail but were still able to stay in a top placement.

Melanie French and Stargazer Lily. Photo by Miranda Akins/Photography In Stride.

Novice Special Awards:

  • The “Best Turned Out” award went to Kasey Mueller and James Blonde.
  • The “Best Conditioned” award was given to Ina Kamenz and Hang Time!
  • The “Best Cross Country” ride was given to Scott Owens and Summer Knight who finished 4th as well
 Everyone should do a three-day at some point in their lives. Watching all the progress all the riders made in such a short period of time was so incredible. So much confidence was gained by all and everyone had a blast. There was hardly a time when there wasn’t a smile on everyone’s face as they laughed and enjoyed themselves.

Maria Temperini and The Flying Dutchman thrilled for the victory gallop! ​Photo by Miranda Akins/Photography In Stride.

A huge shoutout to the Indiana Eventing Association for such a well run, educational and welcoming event for riders at all levels. A three-day event is a must for any eventer wanting to learn more about the roots of our sport and better their riding. Go three-day eventing!

IEA H.T. & Classic 3DE [Website] [Results]

Hugs all around! Photo by Miranda Akins/Photography In Stride.