Haunted Horse Trials?

Headed to Richland Headed to Richland

There are haunted house, hotels, and museums, but have you ever heard of a haunted horse trial?  While I do not believe that the horse trial itself is haunted, there is most definitely something weird going on with the Richland Horse Trials.  I have now dubbed this streak of bad luck the “Richland Curse”, and it is indeed very real.

The last two years have thrown some really sour luck my way.  In 2012, the first year I made the trek to Richland, I had some rotten luck when my Intermediate horse tore a tendon on the cross country and I had to withdraw.

Last year my Training level horse was chased by a pasture mate through the fence, which we still got the all clear to go, to have a freak accident happen while I was riding him the day before we left.  Somehow he caught a foot in the girth and caused a ton of havoc, leaving me with a separated shoulder and sitting at home while he rested for a few days.

This year I was determined to make it to Richland and come home with a number.  The first goal is accomplished, as we are here!  This is not without some crazy bumps in the road, however.

I started the week off by losing my bit for dressage (of course it is somewhere along the road and I have to buy another one) followed by the hotel loosing our reservation for the weekend.  Insert a ton of curse words as I complain to the manager, who can see where I had a reservation but “unfortunately cannot do anything” because he has a wedding party booked now.

I scrambled to find another hotel- one that happens to be extremely far away from the park – and sent an email to my friend who was sharing a room with us only to find out she has been rear ended.  This led to her seeing a chiropractor and a general physician, both of whom told her to stay home and not ride this weekend.  The curse claimed its first victim of the weekend!

We made it!

We made it!

While everyone else has made it safe and sound there was rumors of the curse trying to attack other groups traveling here as well.  Liz Lund posted on Facebook that she locked her keys in the truck right before departing, and Lisa Marie-Furgeson was side-swiped by a semi while hauling her horses here.

Fortunately everyone is OK and has either made it or will be back up and running shortly (sorry Liz!), but these crazy events continue to happen.

I have several more stories to support my curse theory, but I don’t want to bore you.  Needless to say I am the latest victim and I will be performing a spectacular walk of shame tomorrow morning since I forgot to grab my bag for the hotel from the trailer.

I am making a run for my dressing room first thing in the morning, hopefully no one will catch this!  Here is to the curse moving on to another group of people, preferably someone not horse related, and to everyone having fun and safe rides this weekend!

Kick on, Eventing Nation!

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