Have You Seen the Official EN Store?

The Insanity T-shirt! The Insanity T-shirt!

Official EN gear — it’s one of the most consistent requests we’ve received over the years. And it’s always been a difficult one to fulfill due to demand. John would post small quantities of hats and T-shirts, and they’d sell out faster than you could say “chinchilla.” So one of our main goals with the redesign was to finally get the proper infrastructure in place to offer EN merchandise for sale.

In stepped Leah Anderson of Dapplebay fame. A talented graphic designer with an eye for quality, we knew she was the perfect person to both design and manage inventory for us. In additional to designing the new EN logo and working with the web developer on the new EN layout, she designed all the merchandise you’ll see for sale in the Official EN Store.

And here’s the best part about showing your EN pride through purchasing merch: All proceeds after expenses go to support charity. Since we’re all OTTB addicts here at EN, we chose CANTER Mid Atlantic as the inaugural beneficiary of the Official EN Store. Going forward, we’ll let you all vote on which charities you’d like us to support.

Orders have already been pouring in since the store launched yesterday, and the Insanity in the Middle T-shirt is by far the most popular item. There’s also an EN technical polo shirt — perfect for cross country! — two types of EN hats and an EN sticker — ideal for plastering on your tack trunk or truck.

As we run out of each type of product, we’ll continue to develop different items to add to the store. Many of you have already emailed us with what types of products you’d like to see — saddle pads are the most popular request so far — so feel free to leave a comment with what you’d like to see us develop next. What are you waiting for? Go shopping!

[Official EN Store]

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