Help Support Nicole Le May’s Recovery

Screenshot from GoFundMe. Screenshot from GoFundMe.

Nicole Le May is a young eventer from Area X who suffered a traumatic brain injury after a fall from a horse this week. She is currently in the ICU at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and she and her family are facing staggering medical costs.

As we know, the horse world is a small one. We always help our own, and it is truly heartbreaking to see someone suffer such a horrific injury in any situation. We have provided the link for Nicole’s donation page, so if you feel so inclined you can click here to donate.

From the Nicole Le May GoFundMe page:

As some of you may know, our dear friend and Area X young rider Nicole Le May suffered a traumatic brain injury after a fall from a horse on Monday. She remains unconscious in the neuro ICU at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Nicole is a beautiful, vivacious, kind, and intelligent young lady, we miss her and are praying hard for her recovery. Unfortunately, her family has recently lost their health insurance. They are facing overwhelming medical costs, as well as trying to manage their normal household expenses.  Please, if you have a few dollars to spare, could you help out the Le May family?….we want them to be able to focus on Nicole and her recovery and help to try to relieve some of their financial worry. Desert Sport Horse and Area X continues to send healing thoughts and prayers your way, Nicole! Come back to us soon!

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