High Performance, Active Athletes & Selection Committees Announced

High Performance Chair, Derek DiGrazia at Galway Downs (photo by Samantha)

The USEF has finally announced the new members of the three important Eventing Committees: the High Performance Committee, the Eligible Active Athletes Committee, and the Selection Committee. These new groups offer some exciting opportunities for change and growth within our sport. I feel like the overall message of this year’s convention has been a sweeping feeling of wonderful change coming our way, and I think the election of these wonderful people reflects that. I’m excited to see what they can do! The Eventing High Performance Committee and Eventing Selection Committee are both pending approval of the USEF Executive Committee, but the election for the Eventing Eligible Athletes has been finalized.


Eventing High Performance Committee 

Derek DiGrazia, Chair

Jan Byyny (Elected Athlete)

Robert Costello

Buck Davidson (Elected Athlete)

Phillip Dutton (Elected Athlete)

Roger Haller

Malcolm Hook

Mike Huber

Robert Kellerhouse

Marilyn Payne

Brian Sabo


Eventing Eligible Athletes Committee 

Phillip Dutton, Chair

Buck Davidson, Vice-Chair

Jan Byyny

Will Coleman

Sinead Halpin

Becky Holder

Jon Holling

Michael Pollard

Allison Springer


Eventing Selection Committee 

Robert Costello, Chair

Bruce Davidson

Derek DiGrazia

Marcia Kulak

Kim Severson


Go Eventing!

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