Hillcrest Farm Spring Schooling Horse Trials

The Master of the show, Janet Cagle. She is often buzzing around in her golf cart and is also the show jumping judge! Photo courtesy of Pixel Pony Photography.

Spring is in the air.  Not only are the recognized events in full swing, but it is time for the schooling shows to really start rolling.  I love taking my young horses and my students to schooling shows to hone their skills. The lower levels are what fuels our great sport, and I think it is important to show love whenever we can!

My working student, Alice Van Bokkelen, and Classic Skyline in the BN. Photo courtesy of Pixel Pony Photography

Hillcrest Farm is one of the many options of places to go here in North Carolina.  It is owned by Janet and Dan Cagle and located in Mocksville, NC.  Janet runs the show by herself and puts a lot of work into getting things ready.  This past Saturday, March 16th, Hillcrest had their spring schooling horse trial.  The day was packed full of horses and riders with 60 entries.  Divisions from Training down through Green Bean were offered.  The cross country and show jumping  are always well planned and fair for the levels.  The atmosphere is always one of fun and relaxation.  There are smiles all around, and people really seem to be having a lot of fun.

Sarah Meyers and D'Grimace were the only Training pair to compete. Photo courtesy of Pixel Pony Photography.

This year, Strouse House Feed and Tackle, was there handing out goody bags of Blue Seal feed, and they also donated prizes for everyone that won their division.  This was a very cool addition to the show.  The Yadkin Valley Hounds Pony Club was there with concessions that looked and smelled amazing.   Unfortunately, with my Fit & Feisty for 2013 Plan, I didn’t get to partake of their yummy goodies!

Sammi Majors and her OTTB, Dunwoody, in the BN. Photo courtesy of Pixel Pony Photography.

Here are the top 3 from each division:


1: Sarah Meyers and D’Grimace -72.3


1:  Hillary Irwin and Pray for You -27

2:  Erin Wilson and Houston – 32.5  (This horse is in his twenties and looks fabulous!  He really loves his job.)

3:  Ashley Godfry and Anastasia- 40

Beginner Novice

1:  Carley Goodnoe and Woodlands Sampson- 27.5

2:  Cindy McNeely and Hurricane Breeze-28.5

3:  Heather Mercer and Flojo’s Ultimator- 29.53


1:  Amelia Lowe and Imma Rockstar- 35

2:  Sydney Davis and The Golden Snitch – 37.5

3:  Elizabeth George and It’s Trouble Time- 37.5

4:  Hanna Melchor and Scotch Bar Willy – 37.5  (this three way tie was broken with XC time)

Green Bean

1:  Heather King and CF Baltic King – 30

2:  Georgia Ranson and Little Willy – 36.83

3:  Jessica Bortner-Harris and PrettyHippHopHotty – 38.2

Katie Hayes and Schuyler in the Green Bean. Everyone was adoring over this pony all day. So cute!! Photo courtesy of Pixel Pony Photography.


All in all, the day ran very smoothly with a lot of lovely horse and rider combinations.  A HUGE thanks to Janet and Dan Cagle for providing such a great learning experience for horses and riders.

Hanna Melchor and Scotch Bar Willy in the Maiden division. Photo courtesy of Pixel Pony Photography.





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