Can You Guess the SmartPak Mystery Product? Update: We have a winner!


Update: We have a winner! Molly Bucci of Michigan was the first and only person to correctly guess this month’s SmartPak Mystery Product: the Sunshield Long Sleeve Shirt by SmartPak. Many of you guessed other products that will help keep you cool on a hot summer ride. The Custom Cool Medics Cooling Vest and the HyperKewl Cooling Vest were the products with the most guesses.

Sunshield Long Sleeve Shirt by SmartPak

When we informed Molly of her prize, she sent us this message: “I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to Eventing Nation and SmartPak for this. I had surgery a year ago to remove a malignant melanoma, so sun protection is of paramount importance for me. I think it is important for riders to realize that since we spend so much time outdoors, it is critical for all of us to utilize the advancements in sun protection. I am 42 years old, and I never thought that I would be diagnosed with cancer at age 41. That is always something that one thinks only happens to ‘the other guy.’  Until it hits you in the face, and all those years as a teen and young adult spent teaching outdoor riding lessons all summer long, without proper protection, suddenly come back to bite you. If only the Sunshield shirts were available 25 years ago! But as you know, riders are resilient, so I still ride and compete, but I cover up from the sun!”

We’re thrilled such a deserving person won the shirt! The Sunshield Long Sleeve Shirt by SmartPak is a product that’s near and dear to EN’s heart. Wylie, our fearless editor of Horse Nation, gave the shirt a test drive last summer in sweltering 90-degree heat with humidity at a hunter/jumper show. Wylie gave the shirt two thumbs up in her product review: “Immediately, I can tell a difference between this shirt and my usual polo or cotton show shirt. Instead of trapping sweat, it seems to deflect heat in the first place and wick moisture away from my skin. Plus, I feel great about the fact that my fair skin is being protected — goodbye, farmer’s tan and glove lines!” The shirt’s unique Australian Versatex material has a UPF rating of 50+ and protects your skin from 90 percent of harmful UV rays.

Thanks so much to everyone who played along in this month’s SmartPak Mystery Product. I posted the two other clues below so you can see the hints we would have given if Molly hadn’t already correctly guessed the Sunshield Long Sleeve Shirt by SmartPak as this month’s product. Next month, we’ll have to REALLY try to stump you! For those who didn’t get a chance to play along, be sure to check the News & Notes posts next month for an announcement about when we’ll launch April’s SmartPak Mystery Product. Until then, be sure to shop the amazing spring sale on the SmartPak website. Click here to view all the great deals!


We’re very excited to introduce the SmartPak Mystery Product, a new monthly feature here on EN that will send you on a scavenger hunt through the SmartPak website. SmartPak has generously donated a variety of fantastic prizes that one EN reader will be lucky enough to take home each month. Here’s how the SmartPak Mystery Product works: Keep checking back on this post throughout the week — we’ll bump it up each day — for additional clues that will lead you closer to guessing the product. Once you think you’ve discovered the SmartPak Mystery Product, email [email protected] with a link to the product. The first person to correctly identify the SmartPak Mystery Product will win it!

Let’s play SmartPak Mystery Product! Here are your clues:

Clue #1: This is a rider product you’ll love when the weather warms up. Click here to search the SmartPak website.

Clue #2: This product will protect you from the elements. Customer reviews rave about how well this product fits. Click here to search the SmartPak website.

Clue #3: This product will help you stay cool on a hot summer day. More than 90% of SmartPak customers would recommend it to a friend! Click here to search the SmartPak website.


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