Holiday Gift Ideas: OTTB Pride

Enough with the “H,” the “O” and whatever those antler things are on Trakhener butts.

There’s finally a sweet logo for the rest of us.

“When I realized that all the high-end European horses had their own brands, I thought that creating one for OTTBs would be a great way to add some panache to these already sophisticated, but overlooked horses,” Maryland OTTB devotee Caitlin Taylor said.

Taylor worked up a logo worthy of the lineage and created a line of products that (tastefully, of course) allows us to brag about our racetrack rejects, er, royalty. The logo’s available on saddle pads and ear bonnets, blankets, decals, stall tags and a great stretchy long-sleeve, half-zip shirt.  There’s even a collection of classy brushes.

What makes them even cooler?

A portion of the proceeds go to help OTTB charities, so a gift for your horsey friends (or yourself!) is also a gift to horses in need. While Taylor’s based in Maryland, she donates to OTTB charities across the country.

Taylor, a classical dressage rider,  fosters OTTBs and owns two.  Cinnamon is 12 years old and Cato is 4. “Cinnamon has debilitating injuries from the track so she is just a walk/trot horse,” Taylor said. “Cato had a slab fracture at age three that has been repaired with a screw. I’m hoping that with that surgery and 12 to 18 months off, I can get him sound enough to be a low-level dressage horse.”

“I find that getting the horse as balanced and fit as possible gives them a great foundation,” Taylor said. “If I ever get my hands on a sound OTTB, I might try jumping, but I’m a sucker for the broken ones!”


“Creating this OTTB logo is the most important thing I’ve ever done,” Taylor said. “It means everything to me to be a part of the OTTB movement and to be able to contribute to the organization’s that rescue them.”


And go buy stuff:


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