Holiday Gift Ideas: Real Women Ride No Knot Hair Net

‘Tis the season to have absolutely no idea what to get any of your friends or family, for the umpteenth year in a row. Every once in a while you find the perfect present, but especially for horsey friends, the pressure is on. Obviously you’ll be purchasing something horse-related, but does it have to be pink and have a fat pony on it? We here at Eventing Nation say NAY! That’s why this holiday season each one of our impressive staff writers is picking one unique, amazing, thoughtful and clever horsey gift to help you along during this time of stress. Happy holidays!

These are the best hairnets in the world. Photo from RWR's Facebook page. These are the best hairnets in the world. Photo from RWR's Facebook page.

There are two groups of people for whom hairnets are a necessity: lunch ladies and equestrians.  Since this isn’t Lunch Lady Nation, I’m going to assume you are of the latter category.  Hairnets are typically pesky things, either getting lost, torn or utterly failing to do an adequate job of taming your fierce locks.  I know I’m not alone in the experience of piling on 2-3 hairnets in an effort to tame wild wisps of hair and then ending up with multiple annoying pressure spots from the knots pressing in to my forehead underneath my helmet.

My life changed when I found the Real Women Ride No Knot Hair Net. This may sound like an odd gift idea, but seriously, trust me.  These hairnets are the best hairnets in the world. They are heavy enough to keep my wild curls in check and so simple that I don’t have to spend fifteen minutes pinning three separate nets in to place. I’ve gone from the kid who hated hairnets to someone who wears one under my helmet on a daily basis.  Seriously, check out how easy these are to put on:

The RWR No Knot Hair Net comes in blonde, black, light brown, medium brown and dark brown.  (A note for fellow redheads, I’ve found the medium brown to be the best color choice for me.) They are priced at $9.95 and are worth absolutely every penny.  I have been known to make a special trip to the tack store for the sole purpose of buying these hairnets because they are so awesome.  I’ve converted a few friends who doubted the awesomeness of this hairnet to devoted followers.

As an added bonus, RWR has a holiday special on now.  True, it is getting down to the wire if you’re planning to order gifts online, but these hairnets are sure to be appreciated even if Santa gets them to your recipient a little late.

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