Holiday Wish Lists

Although my last blog focused on the reality of winter and the cold, this time we’re going to focus on something brighter and happier; winter holidays! The holidays take (some of) the bitterness out of the winter months. They’re a time to gather with friends and family, and also a time to get (and give) presents!

Holiday gifts can cause stress for both the giver and the receiver. I always feel bad about how expensive some of the gifts I want are. Gone were the days when I was ecstatic with just a stuffed animal horse (sorry Mom and Dad)!

My first 'horse'!

My first ‘horse’!

Since I felt so bad about how expensive some of my horse-related gift wishes were, I decided to do some research on how horse-related gifts compare to non-horse-related gifts money wise! Surprisingly, they were very similar with the average price of the “horsey” gift at $160 and the average price of the “normal” gift at $150.  Below are ideas from some of my rider friends and “normal” friends.

Ideas for horse friends (Thank you to Dominique Guimond, Nicholas Hansen, Emily Peairs, and Maia Jensen for the ideas!):

Eventing Boots (~$90)

Half Pad (~$125)

Tall boots (~$290)

Helmet (~$160)

Vet wrap ($1.99)

A new jumping bridle (~$300)

(More) Riding Pants (~$150)

Ideas for non-horse people (Thank you to some of my school friends for their input!):

Warm boots (~$160)

Gold jewelry (~$300)

Hair straightener (~$300)

Makeup (~$35)

Skateboard (~$50)

Video gaming equipment  (~$180)

Chocolate (~$20)

Hopefully this blog relieves some pressure as you start to think about the holidays and as the cold weather really starts to move in! Stay warm everyone!

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