Horne Family Donates $30,000 to Canadian Eventing Team

The Horne Family Charitable Foundation has generously donated $30,000 to support the Canadian Eventing Team, to be distributed over the next three years, according to a press release from Equine Canada.

To be officially known as The Horne Family Recognition of International Support, the funds will primarily be used for costs associated with the World Equestrian Games this year, the 2015 Pan American Games and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Graeme Thom, chef d’equipe of the Canadian Eventing Team, expressed his gratitude for the donation. “These much appreciated and needed funds will be directed to supporting the team infrastructure when it is needed the most. The Horne Family has strong Canadian roots from Caledon, Ontario. The entire Horne family represent a unity of horsemanship and international competitive spirit, and they have expanded these characteristics into a philanthropic show of goodwill.”

This is wonderful news for Canadian eventing; together with the new talent spotting program, Eventing No Boundaries, the Horne Family donation will serve to bolster the country’s status as one of the eventing powerhouses of the world. Go Canadian Eventing!


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