Horse Nation: 3 Epic Saves That Will Make You Ashamed of Ever Falling Off

In keeping with today’s epic saves trend, check out this Horse Nation post by Carley Sparks:

Three riders who are doing nothing to dispel the myth that galloping horses at five foot fences is, like, super easy. And one that suggests it might be a bit more challenging than it looks.

1. Gregory Wathelet (BEL) and Conrad de Hus at the 2014 Longines Global Champions Tour in Paris

Lose bridle in mid-air and continue to be awesome? No biggie.

2. Ian Millar (CAN) and Star Power at the 2011 Pan American Games

Millar and Star Power stumble after fence eight, make a full recovery in the six strides to the open water, and jump a foot over the rest of the course. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

3. Richard Spooner (USA) at Spruce Meadows circa 2002

Reins. Drop them. Catch them. They’re basically for decoration anyway.

4. What happens when the rest of us try to do the same thing…

Face, have you met my friend, dirt?

Go riding!


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