Horse People Are Good People

Photo by Rachel Lyda.

The amount of good people I’ve met though horses is unbelievable. Recently, I tragically lost my horse in a pasture accident. The whole experience made me feel like the most unlucky person in the world, but strangely enough at the same time one of the luckiest. You see, as
people got word of what happened I got caring thoughts and good gestures from so many people. The amount of kind texts, Facebook messages, and phone calls I received was unimaginable. I got cards including a heartfelt one from my fox hunting club. Some family members even made a photo blanket of my horse. Beside from that the amount of people that offered me horses to ride or lease or even own was astonishing. Some from people I barely even know or have never even met at all.

I’m so thankful I wasn’t alone when my horse took his last breath. I’m thankful for those that were there when all I could do was cry. I appreciate all the hugs I got and trust me I needed every single one. I appreciate the offers to stay at people’s homes and everyone that took care of me for a few days. I am so lucky I was surrounded by people to keep me busy and get my mind elsewhere. I appreciate every single person that reached out to me in any way. Every gesture, every message, every phone call made a difference. It really made me realize how many amazing people I’ve met through horses.

Photo by Jenifer Young.

If it wasn’t for horses I never would have met the woman in my fox hunting club who gifted me her Blessing of the Hounds medal from her first Blessing. I wear it often, and every time I do I am reminded of her kind words and how she chose to give it to me over anyone else. If it wasn’t for horses I never would have met the lady that gave me my first job and introduced me to fox hunting. If it wasn’t for horses I never would have met the trainer that told me about eventing and took me to my first show.

Horse people are good people. Horse people have lent me horses so I didn’t have to miss fox hunts or shows or Pony Club camp. Horse people have given me advice about big decisions I have had to make (It has sometimes been contradicting advice, but I still appreciate it.) Horse people have included me in their holidays when I’ve been away from my own family. Horse people planned a wonderful surprise party for my birthday. Horse people kindly hauled my horse to hunts before I learned to drive the trailer. Horse people have trusted me with their horses (and they all, from a trail pony to a five-star eventer, mean a lot). Horse people have helped me get through some of the hardest losses I’ve ever experienced this last year. Horse people told me to call them at any time if I needed anything when I came south for the year. Horse people made me feel like a part of a team and helped me at my first recognized event. Horse people have taught me so many lessons both with horses and without. Horse people have shown me there are a lot of careers I should consider. Horse people gifted me my colors as a junior. Horse people made my first Novice so much fun.

Photo by Doug Payne.

A horse person set up a meeting with a friend of theirs (now my college advisor) when they found out I was interested in my college. A horse person sent me a heartwarming text with the promise of a place to stay anytime I’m back in their town. A horse person graciously gave me their nice jacket all weekend at a horse show when I forgot mine. A horse person took the time to help me research and find all the history about the horse I just lost. A horse person took time to take me and my horse on a final last adventure in Aiken. A horse person paid for my ticket to the hunt ball. Another horse person drove me there. A horse person offered for me to be her working student one summer so I could have weekly lessons. A horse person was there for me for many phone calls when I was worried I’d messed up something fox hunting. A horse person convinced me to join Pony Club. A horse person took me to watch my first event, watch my first foxhunt, watch my first barrel race, and watch my first polo match.

Horses have let me meet a lot of good people. From fox hunting to Pony Club to college to being a working student I’ve met lifelong role models, friends, supporters, mentors, and overall good good people. The horse world is full of kind and caring people. Everywhere I go and everything I do just solidifies that even more. From every corner of the country to every discipline to every age I’ve met a lot of good people. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my life journey thus far.