Horses in Haiti

If you have been following the news the past week or so, you have no doubt been struck by the immense tragedy of the Hatian earthquake.  With a death toll that could rise above 150,000 people, this has been one of the most tragic weeks in history.  Appropriately, almost all of the media’s attention has been focused on the human element of the disaster.  But, with this much suffering among humans, imagine the challenges faced by animals, particularly domesticated animals such as horses.  Situations like this are an opportunity to be appreciative for all that we have, and to use our gifts to help others.  
One great suggestion, proposed by FlightCheck on the COTH Forums, is to for coaches to pick a day and donate their lesson proceeds to the Haiti relief effort. has a good article about veterinary outreach in Haiti.  

Please consider donating to one of these organizations, or the WSPA to help the veterinary outreach in particular.

Video Update:
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