Hot On Horse Nation: 10 Things I Hate About Horses

We love seeing the hilarious posts that frequent Horse Nation, and this one is no different. Amanda Ronan lists out ten things we all have to deal with as horse owners. What would you add to the list? Post in the comments!

This post originally appeared on Horse Nation:

I’m about to wax poetic about the ups and downs of horse ownership. Prepare yourselves…

I hate the way you poop all day.

I hate the price of all that hay.

I hate the way you roll in the mud,

after I’ve spent hours removing that crud.

I hate how sometimes you stomp and snort,

when there’s nothing to fear of any sort.

I hate the way you perfectly strike my eye when you flick your tail.

I hate that I have to clean all the parts that let me know you are male.

I hate that the judge didn’t look your way. Whatever, you’re handsome… that’s all I’ll say.

I hate that sometimes people don’t understand.

A horse is not just a horse, you’re a friend and I’m your biggest fan.

I hate that I love you so very much,

I constantly worry about everything… even your lunch.


So it was more like nine things and a really cute GIF of young Heath Ledger, whatever…  I’m a journalist, man! Not a poet!

Go Riding!

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