How Does Your Eventer Spend the Off Season?

Photo by Leslie Wylie. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

With just a small scattering of 2015 events remaining, we’re all entering into that weird, dimly lit gap on the calendar between the end of the season and whenever we’re able to strike out again in 2016. In the meantime, we all have different strategies for keeping ourselves and our horses entertained.

We want to hear about the “secret life” of your event horse’s off season. Do you take up fox hunting? Buckle down on your flatwork? Hit up clinics? Enjoy long ambling strolls in the snowy woods? Or perhaps just give your hardworking horse a fat-and-furry “staycation”?

Let’s compare notes. Leave a Facebook comment or shoot us an email at [email protected] for inclusion in an upcoming post. Be sure to include your location, and photos are always welcome, too!