How to Follow the FEI Eventing Risk Management Seminar and Forum

Photo by FEI/Richard Juilliart.

What does the next decade look like for the sport of eventing? This is a main topic of discussion on the agenda for the 2020 FEI Eventing Risk Management Seminar and Forum, taking place January 24-26 at Aintree Racecourse in Great Britain. Several of the nearly 150 delegates attending, a mix of officials, organizers, safety officers, course designers, and federation representatives, are from the U.S., and the FEI will be providing a free live stream of all three days of the seminar beginning tomorrow.

Some of the agenda items that will be discussed over the next few days include:

Public perception of the sport
Risk Management Data Review
Safety Program Update
Course Design
Rule Changes (and this is sure to be a hot button topic, with the updated flag rule on the table for discussion)

Our U.S. delegates include Erik Duvander, U.S. National Safety Officer Jon Holling, David O’Connor, Marilyn Payne, and many more. This is a great opportunity to have a view of the real and impactful changes to the sport, and we encourage you to visit the live streams each day to learn about the direction in which the sport is heading.

You can view/save the live stream links for each day below.

FEI Eventing Risk Management Seminar: Agenda