How to Get Your Hands on an Equilibrium Massage Hotspot from World Equestrian Brands

Listen: if you haven’t gotten your hands on the new Equilibrium Massage Hotspot, distributed by our friends at World Equestrian Brands, you are absolutely missing out.

The Hotspot is the new solution for on-the-go therapy and relaxation, and the addition of heat treatment with this Hotspot gives you an even greater ability to release tension and achieve relaxation with your horse. Heat also leads to increased metabolic activity, meaning that the muscles are more efficient in receiving more oxygen while quickly removing waste products. This can help aid recovery and means more oxygen and nutrients are available for the muscle cells.

Massage at your fingertips will be the name of the game if you’re the lucky winner of this week’s World Equestrian Brands giveaway, and here’s how you can win:

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Entries for this giveaway will close on Sunday, July 11 so don’t wait!

See the full line of Equilibrium therapy products available through World Equestrian Brands here.